On School Fire Drills


At SFAC. the Safety of our Students, Staff and School is Always a Priority!

Most schools have fire drills to help prepare children in case of an emergency.  Review safety procedures with children and help prepare them for emergency situations.  Instill good safety practices and help them understand that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Purpose of the Fire Drill

Fire drills are intended to ensure, by means of training and rehearsal that in the even of fire,

  • the people who may be in danger act in a calm and orderly manner;
  • the people who may have designated responsibilities carry out their tasks to ensure safety of all concerned;
  • the escape routes are used in accordance and practices plan;
  • the evacuation of the building is achieved in a speedy and orderly manner; and
  • to promote an attitude of mind whereby persons will react rationally when confronted

What parents can do after a school fire drill:

  • Review with your children what happened during the fire drill at school, such as:
    • when the fire alarm went off, did they stop what they are doing and immediately line up at the door?
    • did they move quickly and not run and not stop for belongings?
    • did they remain quiet and listen for directions?
    • did they walk in a line as they exit the classroom and building?:
    • did they notice who is in front of them and try to stick behind that person?
    • did they pay attention to their surroundings and made sure they did not get separated from the group?
    • did they not go back to the classroom and not stop for belongings once they are outside?
    • do they know where the fire extinguisher is located?

fire-orientation2Fires do not happen often, but everyone should know how to stay safe during a fire.

The most important part of fire safety is to prevent fires from happening in the first place. Go over with your children some fire safety measures:

  • Never play with matches, lighter, and never bring them to school
  • Keep toys, clothes, and other things away from heaters
  • Never stick things in sockets
  • Never play with stove or oven
  • Never play with fire alarm; its only for emergencies

Fire can be scary but they can be prevented.  Preparing children for emergency situations can help allay some fears and anxieties, and empower them with the knowledge and skills they need to react safely.


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