College of Education

Teaching is central to our scholarly identity and to the way we serve the educational needs of communities. The department prepares professionals to educate and lead, to improve the conditions of learning and teaching for everyone in a technological society. We seek to understand how children and adults learn and develop, and how educators can best use that knowledge for the benefit of all learners.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Program contributes to the liberal education of students by emphasizing the applications of empirical methods to the study of cognitive, affective, social, and behavioral processes. The course exposes students to the science of the mind, behavior and relationships. The students will develop the skills important to a potential career in psychology and in many other areas within the humanities.

Offered Courses in Education

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

  • Major in Biological Science
  • Major in Physical Science
  • Major in English
  • Major in Filipino
  • Major in Mathematics
  • Major in Social Studies
  • Major in MAPEH

Bachelor in Elementary Education

  • Major in Special Education
  • Major in Early Childhood Education

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