Benefits of Internship Program

My Internship Experiences

"Patience. The real part of the challenge was when you don’t have anything to do and just want to take a nap and position yourself comfortably in front of the table. This, however, is not allowed though it’s really tempting. You have to make yourself look preoccupied with something just like you’re one of the HR staff while waiting for any applicants to come.

Discipline, being on time. We have learned a lot of HR stuffs, such as, the hiring process and how to deal with papers, personnel and applicants. While doing my internship at Southville International School, employees’ tardiness has never been tolerated. Deeply impressed with the practice of being always on time, it had a carryover effect on me. In fact, up until now. From the first day of my class as a graduating student, I find myself not running late in class anymore every morning.

I thank the Office of External Programs and Development for letting me experience the taste of my possible future career. This internship program has really helped me in more ways than one." - San, Miguel, April Rose D. (AbPsych4)

"My day-to- day experience on my On-The-Job training at Southville International School was a wonderful and a big accomplishment for me as I got a chance to experience what really relates to my course.

It helped me understand real life situations at the Human Resources Department. Working at the department, I gained more information on how to communicate to the new hired applicant. On my first day at SISC, the HR staff oriented us on the school’s policies, rules and regulations. We were taught how to administer Psychological Exams to the applicants. For almost a week, I was nervous every time I gave exams especially when the applicant was a professional. As time passed by, however, all became natural.

One of our tasks was to communicate well while answering phone calls and how to be patient and, at the same time, polite to the person on the other line. At first it seemed to be easy. It however, greatly depended on the good signals of phone line, but I had fun dealing with it. Many things were taught to me. Some of these were background checking of the hired employee, how to administer psychological exams as well as how to give quick instructions during and after exams.

All the things that I had learned was indeed self-fulfilling especially the experience of doing background check. Background checking is the method of knowing the past performance of your new hired employees, if they have negative attitudes, problems of health (physical/mental) or any incident of showing abnormal behavior that they have observed while working with him/her. I was so nervous because while I am doing the task, one of our HR staff/Head listening and observing the ways or methods that I was doing. She was also there by my side to guide me if just in case I didn’t know what to answer to a certain question from the past boss. One thing notable that I have observed while I was there was the HR staff being able to handle the hassle situation smoothly.

All the people at Southville made me feel that I can do everything if I really focus, be self-motivated and believe that I can complete my tasks till the end. I am so thankful to them because they were good to work with and, above all, really made me feel welcome all the time." - Panganiban, Llarena P. (AbPsych4)


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